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The 5 Best Student Jobs You Can Get in University

May 7, 2016


Most students should know about this, but not all of you actually realize how lucrative this can be. For part-time jobs, being an academic tutor actually pays you one of the best hourly rates.

For university students, you can get a rate of $20-30 for Primary School students, $30-40 for Secondary School students and about $40 and above for Junior College students. Some can even hit higher rates depending on their academic qualification.

Most parents look for students with As in their A level subjects or relevant university courses.

To get the most bang for your buck, you should try to get a student near your school/home so you can cut the travelling time and maximize your pay-per-hour.

Tutoring isn’t just about the money, it is actually a pretty fulfilling and interesting experience as you bond with your students and make friends with them. To see your students succeed is one of the best feelings you can ever feel. Truly.

To get these jobs, you can consider registering with tuition agencies such as StarZest, Epigami and many others. Jobs might be slow to come in at first, but once you have established a rep, you won’t need these agencies anymore.

Other than regular academic tuition, you can look for students interested in other skills like Piano or Tennis lessons if you have got what it takes.


Part-Time Cleaner

Don’t belittle cleaners or janitors. None of us can survive without their contribution. They are quintessential to our economy and survival.

These jobs are actually available for students as well. Part-time cleaning agencies like Fuss and Helpling actually actively recruit part-time cleaners and pay them a fair rate of around $16/hour/. That is twice the rate of your average part-time job.

It’s no easy job of course, you have to be willing to get dirty and work hard, but the pay is fairly good. It actually trains you to be independent as well, plus you get to put on your resume “Part-Time Cleaner”, that ought to incite some questions from potential employers and well, you can share your experiences and shine in the interview, if you spin it right.


Startup Employee

Most startups have a lean business model, so they might not hire full-time executives who demand a high pay. Hence, they often look out for students with potential and are willing to work on a part-time/adhoc basis.

Depending on your course and set of skills, you could snag a job in a startup as a business development intern, social media intern, technical engineer or one of the many other roles and responsibilities these startups need.

Working in a startup is a fun experience that anyone should try. The environment is warm and cosy as well as nurturing. You might have to do quite a fair bit of work, but we guarantee that you will learn a lot from even a short stint there.

Should the company succeed, you might be offered a stake in it. This could mean huge chunk of dough landing on your laps.

To find these jobs, we recommend you take a look at StartUp Jobs Asia as well as Angel List. There are a plethora of jobs out there.

Interns are paid around $400-$800 dollars on average, depending on your workload and commitment level.


Freelance Writer

You should consider pitching yourself as a freelance writer if you have good command of English and can write well. It would be best if you had an area of specialty, say in Finance or Technology.

Approaching relevant publications with these expertise may land you a job that allows you to write articles on an ad hoc basis that could earn you some incomes. Article fees vary from $15 to $100 depending on the publication.

The best part about being a freelance writer is being able to work anytime and anywhere. There is no travelling cost and if you do know your stuff, you should be able to churn out articles fairly quickly.

If we were talking about pay per hour, it’s not a bad deal.

Just like startup intern positions, you can find them on StartUp Jobs Asia as well as Angel List.


Going Freelance

Well, if you have some time to kill, you might consider registering yourself on www.freelancer.com to market yourself as a Freelancer.

People are looking out for you to do all kinds of things online. It could range from writing resumes, doing some freelance photography shoots, or even developing coding projects.

The rates of each would differ depending on project difficulty and commitment of course, but going freelance is a great way to work remotely and to play to your strengths.


Bonus – Work and Travel

The best time to travel is when you are a student. You will probably never get 3 month worth of free time to yourself once you enter the working world, so why not travel the world for abit, go overseas and see new things?

Work and Travel programs allow any student – cash strapped or otherwise – an opportunity to experience life in another country on the cheap. Not only do you get a chance to stay in the country of your choice for a prolonged period of time, but you also get a more bona fide local experience, as you live and work alongside natives of that country. You can even buy things overseas that are cheaper, like watches and cosmetics back to Singapore and sell them for a profit!

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Gerry has spent time working in 5 different banks in various capacities, across a range of functions from back to middle and front office. After leaving banking, he spent time working on market research for consumer banking with a focus on the Chinese and Singapore market. He now serves as a home loan consultant and business manager of Easyrates.

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