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The Difference Between Home Contents Insurance And HDB Fire Insurance

June 19, 2018


The Difference Between Home Contents Insurance And Fire Insurance

Getting a house is one the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Then, you gradually fill up your home with precious furnitures and belongings which most probably will be stored for a lifetime. Some Singaporeans just insure their home contents with fire insurance, thinking their existing insurance is adequate. Whilst there are misconceptions between home contents and fire insurance, there are differences between these two insurances in terms of coverage and payout.

Not to worry, we have summarized these two insurances with the simple infographic below!

In short, a fire insurance may sound it has everything in your home pretty much covered but anything can happen within the span of a year!  You may want to reconsider and do a review again on your insurance policy as soon as possible!

For more detailed info on Home Contents Insurance, you may click HERE to read more! 


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