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How To Buy Diamonds Online Safely And Cheaply

June 10, 2016
So you’ve decided she’s the girl you want to spend your life with. Instead of doing the Singaporean thing and asking her to apply for a BTO flat together, why not surprise her with a diamond engagement ring first? Now, let’s be honest, buying the right engagement ring doesn’t come naturally to guys does it? After all, diamonds were made for girls to squeal over and many wear them as a source of pride, guys, well not so much.

Yet, every year, a string of men go through the “ordeal” of learning about diamonds before splurging thousands of dollars, all in the hopes of seeing a smile on the face of their significant other. Buying diamonds from brand name stores with brick and mortar retail outlets and marketing budgets that can run in the millions – a cost passed onto consumers like you and I – may be convenient but there are definitely other approaches that give you more bang for your buck. So how do you buy one of these precious stones online – where you can often get a 20-30% discount over retail stores – safely and cheaply?


Better Be Safe Than Sorry

When you buy a t-shirt online, you wouldn’t think twice about the many possible things that can go wrong – Getting the wrong sizing, realizing it may be a bad fit, fading colours or even receiving totally wrong designs –prices are so cheap that you can just wear the shirt at home instead, give it to your younger sibling or perhaps even sell it on Carousell. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when you buy diamonds, where costs are  high, and there may be problems returning it.   So how do you stay safe when buying diamonds online?


First, you need to learn what you can about diamonds, find out what makes a “good” diamond, shop around for a reputable seller and how to verify the authenticity of the diamond. Here’s our 4 point- guide to help you buy your diamonds online safely.


1. Get Educated

One of the topics that keeps popping up on the websites of diamond retailers and forums is the 4Cs of diamond quality.

Colour: ranging from Z to D (lightly coloured to colourless) Diamonds rated “D” tend to be the most desirable, when buying white diamonds, while Z grade diamonds being lightly coloured are less desirable as a white diamond.

Clarity: As diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, they can contain “flaws” internally or externally. Most look for a stone from VS2 (Minor flaws, that are difficult to see with the naked eye) and above, these range all the way to FL (Flawless) quality diamonds.

Cut: The cut of a diamond is extremely important because the brightness of the diamond depends a lot on how the light is reflected off the many facets of the stone. There are usually 3 attributes that contribute to the brilliance of a diamond here – brightness, fire and scintillation.

Carat weight: probably the most straight-forward of all, this literally refers to how big the stone is.


2. Get a Certified Diamond

A diamond’s certificate verifies it’s specifications, including its colour, clarity, cut and  carat weight. Never buy a diamond without a diamond certificate. The most well-known grading laboratory is probably the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). But seeing the diamond certificate, may not be enough. Some less reputable online retailers knowing that their customers would be on the lookout for these reports, provide fake ones. In order to ensure your diamond is properly certified, you can verify it with a Report Check and look out for the microscopic inscription on the diamond.


3. Buy from a Reputable seller

Most of these online retailers are unfortunately, situated overseas, adding another layer of concerns. Before paying for your diamond, check the list of points below to see if the seller is credible:

– Go through online forums and websites for reviews and testimonials

– Ensure that the diamonds being sold are certified

– Do they have a certified gemologist?

– Provide only conflict-free diamonds

– Return policies should include a 100% refund within the free-look period

While there are a few quality diamond retailers online, we highly recommend James Allen, the largest privately held online diamond and bridal jewellery retailer in the world, that goes out of their way to make sure their customers get a great deal. James Allen’s diamonds are certified, conflict-free and come with lifetime warranties.

Getting A Cheaper Diamond Online Without Quality Compromise

1. Compare Prices With Brick & Mortar Stores

The best way to buy cheap diamonds? Going online will probably get you the best deal compared to buying from your local jewellery stores like Soo Kee or Tiffany & Co. For instance, a quick check on James Allen’s website for a 0.6 carat diamond of similar quality it was going for about $500 less when compared to the one at Soo Kee. Not convinced yet? Go on their website to have a look!

Soo Kee Jewellery (Left) vs James Allen (Right)


2. Get Free Custom Service

Buying a diamond is only one part of the process of buying an engagement ring. You’ll still need to set the diamond onto a ring. Most reputable jewellers do not charge you extra for customising the ring, although they may take up to a month to get it done, so do plan ahead!


3. Engage A Company That Offers Free Value- Added Services

Similar to getting free customization of your diamond ring, choose a retailer that provides excellent services at no extra charges. These services include free shipping, lifetime warranty, free re-polishing and cleaning. Sounds too good to be true? You’d be surprised that James Allen does it all for free! They even provide a 24/7 chat service that allows you to clarify any doubts you may have, help you along with the engagement ring process and even answer after sale questions.Most important of all, you’d be able to return your diamond within a 30-day period and get a full refund should you be unhappy with your purchase.

We hope that our comprehensive guide to help you buy diamonds online safely and cheaply, gives you confidence to make your next diamond purchase online. If you’re looking for a reputable online diamond retailer, with great service and a wide selection, do visit James Allen, where they sell premier diamonds at a price anyone can afford!

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