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What Is Refinancing And How Can It Help You Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Your Home Loan [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 16, 2016

Did Your Interest Rate Shoot Up Recently? This Is The One Home Loan Secret That Most Banks Don’t Want You To Know About!

If your home loan interest rate just went up, consider refinancing your home loan! Refinancing allows you to lower your interest rate by transferring your loan from your current bank to another, allowing you to get Promotional Interest Rates and Lower Monthly Payments! Looking To Refinance Your Home Loan? Interest Rates Are Now As Low As 1%! Click Here To Find Out More!

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Gerry has spent time working in 5 different banks in various capacities, across a range of functions from back to middle and front office. After leaving banking, he spent time working on market research for consumer banking with a focus on the Chinese and Singapore market. He now serves as a home loan consultant and business manager of Easyrates.

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