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The 50 Most Highly Paid Jobs In Singapore Revealed

April 17, 2017


¬†Ever wondered which jobs are the highest paying in Singapore? Well look no further with EasyRate’s list of the 50 Highest Paid Jobs In Singapore. We compiled the top 50 Jobs based on the Top 75th Percentile Gross Wages based on the Ministry of Manpower’s 2015 Wage Survey released in 2016.

What We Found

  • MDs, CEOs and COOs ranked among the top 3¬†highest paying positions in Singapore
  • General practitioners and/or Physicians were second on the list with the 75th percentile earning $21,369 a month
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, jobs in the finance industry made the most appearances in the list with a total of 9 jobs making it to this list
  • Jobs in the IT industry also made a strong appearance with a total of 5 Jobs making it to this list


Top 50 Highest Paying Jobs (75th Percentile Gross Wages)

Occupation 75th Percentile Salary ($)
Managing director/Chief executive officer 30,584
General practitioner/Physician 21,369
Chief operating officer/General Manager 20,600
Commodities derivatives broker 18,911
Financial/Investment adviser (eg relationship manager) 18,333
Company director 18,000
In-house legal counsel (except judiciary, ministries and statutory boards) 16,667
Foreign exchange dealer/Broker 15,836
University lecturer 15,492
Financial/Insurance services manager (eg financial institution branch manager) 14,717
Marine superintendent engineer 13,925
Treasury manager 13,798
Trade and ship broker 13,000
Creative director (advertising) 13,000
Compliance officer/Risk analyst (financial) 12,750
Policy and planning manager 11,446
Chief information officer/Chief technology officer 11,333
Software and applications manager 11,059
Information technology project manager 11,050
Business development manager 11,020
Research and development manager 11,013
Network and communications manager 10,791
Budgeting and financial accounting manager (including financial controller) 10,400
Quality assurance manager 10,263
Human resource consultant (excluding executive search consultant) 10,250
IT service manager 10,010
Human resource manager 10,000
Sales and marketing manager 9,668
Technical/Engineering services manager (eg shipyard manager) 9,652
Ship captain 9,582
Management and business consultant 9,450
Editor (news and periodicals) 9,239
Health services manager 9,177
Procurement/Purchasing manager 9,116
Wholesale trade manager 8,997
Manufacturing plant/Production manager 8,891
ICT sales professional 8,677
Customer service manager 8,635
Administration manager 8,537
Transport operations manager 8,512
Advertising/Public relations manager 8,500
Chemical engineer 7,840
Supply and distribution/Logistics/Warehousing manager 7,742
Building and construction project manager 7,626
Insurance sales agent/Broker (including independent financial planner) 7,550
Financial derivatives dealer/Broker 7,500
Building architect 7,500
Insurance representative and related associate professional 7,500
Telecommunications engineer 7,463
Education and training institution manager 7,195

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Wayne Quek

Wayne is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and holds a Bachelor of Business Management (Finance) from Singapore Management University (SMU). A successful Relationship Manager during his time with DBS and HSBC, Wayne used his expertise in financial markets to help his clients build up comprehensive investment portfolios. The entrepreneur is also the founder of Home Loan Whiz, a mortgage consulting firm that assists clients with selecting ideal mortgages for their needs.

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