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Looking For A New Job? Companies Are Looking For People To Fill These Jobs In Singapore!

April 11, 2017

It’s difficult to find good help or so the saying goes. In Singapore however, it’s getting more and more difficult to find good work. Some industries are downsizing, while others are growing. Are there no more jobs available? No, there definitely are, but where are these great jobs we keep hearing about? Find out more in the list below!



As the Singaporean population grows older and older, it is no surprise that the Healthcare industry is growing in Singapore alongside it. With 9,000 additional staff needed over the next 3 years to man new facilities and services and many more jobs coming up in the aged care sector. This industry is definitely growing with as much as 30,000 more healthcare workers needed by 2020.

Some Healthcare Jobs

  1. Occupational Therapists
  2. Allied Health Professional
  3. Nurses/ Staff Nurse

What Does A Healthcare Professional Do?

  1. Improving quality of life of people with disabilities or special needs
  2. Performing medical and/ or nursing procedures
  3. Performs clinical assessments of patients from the physical, mental social aspects

What Qualifications Are Associated With This Job?

  1. Nitec/ Diploma/ Degree in Nursing/ Diagnostic Radiographer /Physiotherapist /Occupational Therapist /Radiation Therapist
  2. Alternatively if you do not have any of these qualifications you can consider the Professional Conversion Program (PCP)


Cyber security

Cyber security is one such segment, where a dearth of talent has been identified. As more and more of our information comes online, there’s an increasing awareness of the need for security to prevent such data from falling into the wrong hands.

Some Cyber Security Jobs

  1. Cyber Risk / Cyber Security / Cyber Forensic Engineer
  2. Network Security Engineer – Cyber Security
  3. Cyber Security Engineer

What Does A Cyber Security Specialist Do?

  1. Analyze and establish security requirements for your systems/networks
  2. Defend systems against unauthorized access, modification and/or destruction
  3. Configure and support security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software, patch management systems, etc.
  4. Define access privileges, control structures and resources
  5. Perform vulnerability testing, risk analyses and security assessments

What Qualifications Are Associated With This Job?

  1. IT Related Degree
  2. Some experience in IT Security Administration, servers and network troubleshooting
  3. Certified Ethical Hacker (CeHA) certification


Data Science

As we mentioned previously, more and more data is coming online. As more such data becomes available, there is a need for more and more people to analyse that data to come up with models, insights and analysis of that data as well as machine learning.

Some Data Science Roles

  1. Data Analysts
  2. Data Scientists
  3. Data Engineer

What Does A Data Scientist/ Analyst/ Engineer Do?

  1. Identifying the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization
  2. Devising and applying models and algorithms to mine the stores of big data
  3. Analyzing the data to identify patterns and trends
  4. Interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities
  5. Communicating findings to stakeholders using visualization and other means

What Qualifications Are Associated With This Job?

  1. Bachelors/ Masters/ Doctoral Degrees in Math/ Statistics/ Computer Science/ Equivalent
  2. Fluent in SQL and at least one of the following languages Python/ R/ Java/ Scala


We hope our list of in-demand jobs have helped you provide some clarity on the current employment market and helps you to find your next job! Think we left a specific industry or job out of this list? Leave us a comment below! Like our article? Share us on Facebook and like our Facebook Page!

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